Is there anything more important than getting education right?

Imagine a world where you learn in a sensory-rich way that makes sense to you, that values different approaches, navigates learning issues, encourages collaborative learning, and responds in real-time. Let’s go further. Imagine education that automatically determines students’ understanding, analyses their behavioural profile, detects bullying and fraudulent activity, and creates value from the stored, implied and referenced data. It’s revolutionary stuff.


Education crisis

Our education system is struggling. It’s a crisis that sees declining standards in schools, shrinking government funding; and teachers having more students and fewer resources. Administrative inefficiencies and untapped potential of technology mean missed opportunities. Researchers warn of the impending collapse of the tertiary sector. The crisis extends to the economy, with academia not aligned to what our workplaces need, resulting in a severe shortage of skills fundamental to maintaining Australia’s global competitive.

Sadly, our current education system is set to produce another generation of graduates educated for a world that no longer exists. It’s a problem costing tens of billions of dollars each year in Australia alone.


What is Mosaix?

Mosaix is a digital education ecosystem that fundamentally changes the way teachers teach, students learn, and organisations recruit.

It’s the education ecosystem the 21st century needs. It cultivates the essential skills of creativity, collaboration and communication, focusing on the making of meaning, not just knowledge acquisition.

Equally applicable in a secondary, tertiary, or workplace classroom, Mosaix’ innovative approach was designed from the ground up for digital technology. The sophisticated mobile application combines content delivery and interactive group discussions, feedback, and assessment, using advanced analytics that enable revolutionary opportunities.


How does Mosaix work?

Its innovative model works by promoting and managing interactions between students, teachers, and industry.

Mosaix uses cloud, AI and mobile technology to create, deliver, share, inspire, and assess learning. It embeds “Inclusion by design” at its heart.
Mosaix leverages students’ own preferences to foster engagement and deliver outstanding learning outcomes. Passion – not fear of failure – is built-in as the key motivator for students, and collaboration – not individualism – is the key to success.


What benefits does Mosaix deliver?

Mosaix goes beyond simple teaching and learning, to enable students and teachers to discover their potential across IQ, EQ, and We-Q, and then accelerate what’s possible.

It provides teachers and institutions unprecedented insights and real-time assessments, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Additionally, as an advanced learning management system, it mitigates organisational risk, with zero-cost implementation, seamless integration with other systems, built-in privacy and security, and full compliance and auditability.

It makes possible business, government and society to participate in the learning process, enabling relevant connections.

Addressing institutions’ struggle to scale, Mosaix allows education to be extended exponentially. But Mosaix is not another MOOC – in contrast, it allows personalisation at scale.

Mosaix will transform learning ecosystems across schools, universities and workplaces.