“40% to 80% of school-age children experience bullying at some point during their school careers.”

Source: “Bullying: A Module for Teachers”. American Psychological Association.
Without a doubt, this is an alarming statistic!  Is your child a victim of bullying? Chances are, yes.

Generally, education systems invest significant resources to combat bullying, with support frameworks to help its victims. Sadly, these victims are often afraid to speak up, resulting in behaviours that may impact the rest of their lives.

However, all bullying has one common and essential criteria: interaction. And this is where Mosaix shines. Mosaix sees all interactions as a ‘tune of emergent behaviours’, where negative or bullying behaviours can be detected at an embryonic level.  Once detected, Mosaix stops all interactions within the mobile application between bullies and victims. After some time, Mosaix re-establishes and monitors interactions to determine if the bullying continues, and if so, repeats this cycle.

Also, students can explicitly ask for help through Mosaix, without alerting other students.This encourages students to ask questions and interact with the teacher without fear of being bullied by other students.

What this means is that bullying will no longer be possible within the classroom. Mosaix automatically detects emergent bullying, takes action, and monitors the situation to limit relapses.