Students you need to read this…

Enter Mosaix, a mobile application that morphs education into technology.  Learn “virtually” anywhere, at your own pace, in your own style. Accelerate your learning by seeing what others are learning, asking questions and possibly even helping others.  And it lets you interact (code for ‘asking dumb questions’) while preserving your anonymity (code for ‘avatar’) from the rest of the class.

Best of all, Mosaix does not need exams or assignments to assess you.  Mosaix has your own private dashboard that shows how much you understand that lesson, during that lesson, for every lesson. That means you can go back and improve any lesson to improve your final grade, if you choose.  Now wouldn’t that be cool! Imagine, learning as much as you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.

Parents you need to read this…

Mosaix is a mobile application that does not need point-in-time assessments to understand your child’s learning.  It is able to see your child’s “story of understanding” through their interactions, and guides them accordingly.

Hard to believe?  Well, none of this is rocket science.  Decades of research (and common sense) tells us that engagement and interaction during the learning process are more effective than passive isolated learning.

Mosaix does exactly that, allows your child to discuss, interact, get feedback, and give feedback whenever they want or need.  Because all of this is your child’s choice, they are empowered to control their learning, resulting in an increase in engagement.  Now wouldn’t that be nice! And it’s all done anonymously, creating a safe place for them to stretch their knowledge, make mistakes and learn by them.

Teachers you need to read this…

Mosaix places each student at the centre of the learning process, thereby providing a personalised learning experience.  How is this possible? Mosaix creates a safe environment that encourages student engagement and self-exploration by uniquely integrating anonymity, automated assessment guidance and self-improvement.  Armed with a teacher’s dashboard for unprecedented deep learning analytics in real-time (as it happens), you will be empowered to provide targeted and personal mastery.

Along with many other important features, Mosaix is designed to change and adapt to your needs so that you can provide focus on personalised teaching.