Have you ever experienced the buzz of being inspired? How your level of excitement changes from not wanting to stay, to not wanting to leave?  Or when you to see the spark in your child’s eyes as they explain every detail of a single event? The real question is…

“Can inspiration be bottled?”

In short, no.  Well not in one bottle anyway.

Through extensive research, we were able to distill 3 key elements that leads people to become inspired. And if done correctly, it’s hard not to be inspired. These elements are:

  1. Discovery of content
  2. Relevance to the individual
  3. Potential of use/value

But knowing these elements is not enough. The delivery of these elements is essential, and is often overlooked. For example, imagine you are in class learning algebra and mathematics. Yes, just the mention of algebra is likely to send a shiver down your spine. And for 3 good reasons:

  1. Did the teacher try and force-feed you with every detail of algebra? Or did the teacher create a path that allowed you to discover it?
  2. Were all students taught the same stuff the same way? Or did the teacher make it personal for you, choosing the information relevant to you, delivering it in your own unique learning style?
  3. And did the teacher make you do a series of exercises and fixed assignments? Or did the teacher allow you to explore how you could potentially use this knowledge in your everyday life?

Mosaix does not have all the ‘bottles’ to create inspiration, but it does have one very important bottle. And that is: it provides an environment for students to discover relevance and potential through the transfer of ideas between themselves during the learning process. With Mosaix’s unique ability to provide the right anonymity at the right time between the right people, students feel safe to share their ideas without the feeling of being judged. That is, Mosaix creates a safe place to learn, allowing the students to choose what’s relevant for them, and learning what’s relevant to others.

In essence, inspiration is the journey of discovering one’s own potential. And a journey is not just about taking a series of predefined steps. It’s about taking your steps, in your direction, with the feeling that you are being looked after. A task difficult (but not impossible) to achieve without a tool like Mosaix.

Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity?language=en